Favorite Sports Teams

Jeffrey Volosin: Favorite Sports Teams

Jeffrey Volosin is a fan of many sports. His favorite is football, specifically the NFL.

Jeffrey Volosin supports several teams, his number one team however is the New York Giants. Having been born in New Jersey and growing up in Los Angeles not having a team hear his family always supported the New York Giants.

Mr. Volosin’s next favorite team are the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. Having the Rams move to Los Angeles from St. Louis and the Chargers the next year move up from San Diego was very exciting for him. He even owns season tickets for both teams! Jeffrey will be attending as many games as he possibly can.

Jeffrey Volosin went to college in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohioians are very passionate about their sports teams if you did not know. So he quickly came to support the Cleveland Browns even though they hardly ever win a game. He thought it was awesome how much Clevelanders in particular still cheered for the Browns even though the out comes of the games were typically losses.

Jeffrey Volosin loves football and will be posting many blogs of the course of the season.

Jeffrey Volosin